MEGGLE Germany

The MEGGLE group, Headquartered in Wasserburg, Germany, Comprises a variety of milk and whey processing business. This structure provides flexibility and decisiveness, yet preservers the traditional character of dairies with long histories of milk processing.

Meggle Food systems develop and sell fictional, high-quality compounds and ingredients for the food industry. Based on milk and whey proteins, our products are ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Our product range consist of

  • single ingredients (Skimmed milk , whey derivatives , monohydrate Lactose, Casein, Caseiant,...)
  • Vegetable fat powder and creamers (suitable for ready soups)
  • Native milk protein ( MPC, MPI)
  • High quality protein compounds ( suitable for nutrition)
  • Non-Dairy creamers – Foamers
  • Meat Compounds
  • Fat powders( suitable for the cold production of bakery creams and fillings and for use in bakery mix,dessert)
  • Whipping agents(cake decoration with high stability , high overrun and a pleasant milky taste)
  • Cake Emulsifier
  • Egg replacer(milk based alternative to whole egg powder)
  • Protein blends for fermented dairy products( all type of yogurt, ayran, doogh, dessert)