Piron is an Italian company that designs and manufactures ovens and appliances for cooking, confectionery and pastry. In addition to ovens and appliances designed and manufactured for home users, Pyron also focused on industry-level customers to meet the needs of its customers in broader areas.
Piron was founded in 2006 and today, with its vast background and experience it has accumulated all these years, has started to sell and manufacture machine tools worldwide. Engines used in devices and other products have been designed and built by the best and most experienced engineers and technicians on the basis of their skill, experience and according to customer needs and market preference. These have been prioritized in other parts of Piron Company, such as sales, manufacturing and design.
Pyron is an all-Italian brand, an extract from the Italian industry and, with its foresight goals, has decided to use high quality as well as recyclable materials and ensure that its customers always have access to high quality of international products. Another of these characteristics is to pay attention to the level of demand and meet the needs of customers.

In Iran, piron products and machines are also offered by PARS SITAK AVA Company. PARS SITAK AVA Company is the official representative of reputable companies such as MEGGLE , Fo , LEVEX , IL PUNTO , THT , KRISHCOCO , MARCEL and LAVISARL. Sitak offers all products directly and indirectly from Turkey, ITALY and Germany. Their products include raw materials such as lactose, foamer, fat powder, cream powder, jellies, yeast extracts, probiotics, fondant and fondants mold, syrup, coffee beans and cappuccino used in cafes and bars..

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