PARS SITAK is the exclusive representative of THT company. THT company specializes in the production of lactic products that may used in probiotic and food (starter) products. THT Has created unique technology with more than two decades experience in biotechnology sector and with complete mastery of selection and production processeses . THT manufactures and packages high quality probiotic products to meet specific customer needs.

This following issues are some of the services of this company:

Providing a variety of probiotic strains for the production of processed food products such as yogurt, cheese, juices, toffee and chocolate.

Offering a variety of probiotic strains to produce meat products as starter, such as fermented sausages to enhance natural aroma and maintain proper acidity of the product as well
.as a natural preservative and natural elimination of Listeria contamination in raw meat products such as hamburgers and sausages

Providing a variety of probiotic strains to produce pharmaceutical supplements for treatment and health of digestion system, colon, women healthy, pediatric assimilation health enhancing and finally the health immunity system etc

THT probiotic is a Belgian product and is widely used in the producting and processing of dairy products.